Not all ingredients are created equal. We use 100% pure organic ingredients.

All our products are natural, pure and cruelty free.

No sulfates. No silicones. No paragons. No GMOs. No toxins. No bad stuff.

​We use only the highest quality formulas that deliver real results!

In a world full of chaos, I like knowing at least snuggles with my daughter are chemical free.

We tell you exactly what is in our products because we are proud of the ingredients!

The desire for transparency is why I created Organic Logic Skincare.

The first time I ever thought about chemicals in skincare was when I was pregnant with my daughter.

I worried about the ingredients, and I knew I wasn’t alone. There must be others that want to know

what they are putting on their skin and have control of their decisions.

Washing and using pure ingredients will allow your skin to breath.

​We make smart skincare inspired by nature.

Give us a try and see what you think.


Organic Logic was created by two hard working Moms, entrepreneurs and self proclaimed beauty gurus.

If there is a product for it, we have tried it. Over time, and spending thousands of dollars on designer skincare, we were troubled to find most products are filled with harsh chemicals, mineral oil and other unnatural fillers.

This epiphany is how Organic Logic was born.

We began by making our own natural skin care for personal and family use. As our family and friends began to use it they asked us to make more. We did. And now we are offering it to you.

Thank you for trying our product. We know you will love it. We are passionate about delivering the highest quality ingredients that are 100% pure with no fillers.

Simply put, we provide smart skincare for savvy beauty gurus.